Andrew Baris


  • Executive Vice President
  • Principal Hydrogeologist

Mr. Baris is a Vice President and Principal Hydrogeologist with 32 years of environmental experience. He holds M.E.S. in Groundwater Quality Management from the University of Oklahoma and a B.A. in Geological Science from SUNY Geneseo. Mr. Baris has been responsible for the development and implementation of remediation programs at sites ranging in complexity from small retail gas station releases to large-scale refineries and manufacturing facilities. His expertise includes identification and remediation of historical contamination sources; contaminant fate and transport; soil vapor assessment and mitigation; risk assessment; NAPL remediation strategies; and assessment of appropriate remediation costs. He has been retained as a technical expert on multiple cases.

Representative Projects

  • Retained as an expert witness for a confidential petroleum hydrocarbon case in New York City. The case involves a former oil terminal that was condemned and taken by the City of New York for purposes of constructing a municipal wastewater treatment facility. The site environmental conditions as of the taking date were evaluated to develop opinions with respect to environmental remediation costs that would have been incurred for various redevelopment scenarios being considered prior to the City’s taking of the property.
  • Retained as an expert witness on behalf of petroleum product delivery company alleged to have caused contamination at a service station due to tank overfill incidents. The work involved review of the site assessment and remediation activities at the Site to differentiate the contamination and associated remediation costs attributable to the tank overfills from the contamination caused by leaking tanks and other sources.
  • Retained as a consulting expert on behalf of one of the defendants in a multi-million dollar class action suit against multiple industrial property owners and operators in Nassau County. The complaint alleges personal injury and property diminution due to groundwater contamination and impact to the water supply aquifer. Primary contaminants of concern are chlorinated solvents.


  • Assessment and Remediation of Off-Spec Asphalt Disposal Areas, Contaminated Soils, Volume 3, Amherst Scientific Publishers, 1998.
  • Use of a Subsurface Flow Constructed Wetlands for Collection and Removal of Water Containing BTEX, Proceedings of the 2000 Petroleum Hydrocarbons and Organic Chemicals in Groundwater Conference, National Ground Water Association.
  • M.E.S., Groundwater Quality Management,
  • University of Oklahoma,
    Norman, OK
  • B.A., Geological Science,
  • SUNY Geneseo, Geneseo, NY
Areas of Expertise
  • Environmental Forensics
  • Remediation
  • Risk/Toxicology
  • Site Investigation and Remediation
  • Hydrogeology/Fate & Transport
  • NCP Compliance
  • Cost Recovery/Cost Allocation